23rd Commencement

23rd Commencement Ceremony


The housing department is please inform the graduating students that the housing will be offered for free for the nights:

  • Friday June 10th, 2022
  • Saturday June 11th, 2022

Please make sure to confirm your presence through the link in the header before June 7th, 2022 in order to book your housing.

You can specify a roommate if you want, and you can also check out on Saturday evening after the ceremony or Sunday, you just need to mention it in the confirmation link. 

Also note that you need to check out of your room (return the keys) in order to get your clearance. RAs will be available to you in your respective buildings to facilitate this operation.

PS: Note that the housing is only offered to the graduating students (their guests are not included).

Parking on Campus

For logistical purposes, all graduating students that have cars and would like to park on campus must provide the necessary information by filling the link in the header (confirm your presence). 

Please note that NO CAR WILL BE ACCESSING the campus premises unless they fill the form.

PS: note that the cars that will be allowed access to campus are cars belonging to the graduating students, not their guests. The university has made the necessary arrangements for the guests to park outside in Ifrane. More on this in the following section.

Maps & Directions

In order to accommodate everyone, and to ensure safety on campus, the university has made available a parking area for the guests of the graduating students:


The parking area is located near the Farah In hotel.

It is situated at the entrance of Ifrane when coming from Meknes road to Ifrane.

It is near the AUI Annex.

The university is dispatching all of its fleet of 6 mini vans and has leased over 8 other shuttle buses to transport all the guests from the parking areas to campus.

University staff and Organizing Committee members will be at the parking areas to welcome the guests and give orientations.