23rd Commencement

23rd Commencement Ceremony

For Class of 2022 only:

If you have completed your graduation requirements in Fall 2021, Spring 2022 or expect to graduate in Summer 2022, you are welcome to take part in the 23rd Commencement on June 11, 2022 at Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane. 

Please note that if you are graduating in Summer 2022, no official documents will be provided before completing all academic requirements by the end of the Summer session. Similarly, if you have not completed the Community Involvement Program requirements you will not be able to collect your diploma. Your participation in the ceremony will be limited to taking part in the procession. 

The actual diplomas will be delivered at Enrollment Services after graduates have completed their clearance. 

You will be provided with free accommodation from Friday June 10 through Saturday June11. Also your meals from Friday June 10 (lunch) through Sunday June 12 (Breakfast) will be offered for free by the University. A reception will follow the graduation ceremony

Commencement Schedule

Once again, we congratulate you for completing your degree requirements and commend you for your academic and personal achievements as a student at Al Akhawayn University.  We wish you success in your career and personal goals and encourage you to maintain the relationships that you have established with Al Akhawayn by becoming a member of the Al Akhawayn Alumni Association. 


All graduates are required to attend the two rehearsal sessions scheduled on Friday June 10th and Saturday June 11thas indicated in the commencement schedule. 

Please note that it is mandatory to attend the rehearsal sessions. You will not be allowed to march if you do not attend rehearsals. 


The rehearsal helps students get an idea about how to be prepared for the ceremony. This will include the lining before entering the gymnasium, what to do once in, what to do when called on to get the diploma cover, where to have your picture taken, and more. Pictures shall be taken after each rehearsal and after commencement. 

Attire & Accessories

The graduation attire is available for all graduates to celebrate the 23rd  commencement.
Gowns, Caps, and other accessories are the main features of the attire. A white shirt 
for all graduates is desirable. 

Please note that all gowns and caps for graduating students are in black. As for the stoles, they will be in different colors to distinguish between schools and levels as below.

  • Undergraduates: Burgundy (SBA), blue (SHSS), purple (SSE) 
  • Graduates: Yellow  

Location: Old Campus Store