24th Commencement

24th Commencement

Congratulations to Class of 2023!

Congratulations to the Class of 2023! You have achieved an incredible milestone in your journey of life. Your dedication, perseverance, and resilience over these years, marked by unprecedented challenges and changes, truly embody the spirit of this class. You have navigated through a remarkable period of transformation and uncertainty, and yet, you stood strong, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to your education.

As you venture into the world, remember that this graduation is not an end, but a gateway to opportunities that await you. Continue to carry your learnings, experiences, and the bonds you have forged here into your future endeavors. Congratulations again, Class of 2023, for your impressive accomplishment!

24th Commencement Important Notes

Commencement Program

Welcome to our dedicated section for the Commencement Program. This special part of our website provides all the information you’ll need for our graduation ceremonies. From the schedule of events, keynote speakers, and honorees to the processional order and important ceremony protocols, you’ll find it all here. Whether you’re a graduating student, family member, faculty, or friend, you can navigate this section to find comprehensive details about our upcoming celebration. Dive in to explore and join us in honoring the achievements of our graduates.


All graduates are obliged to participate in the two rehearsal sessions outlined in the commencement schedule, which will take place on June 9th and  June 10th. Attendance at these rehearsals is compulsory, and failure to attend will result in your exclusion from the graduation march.

These rehearsal sessions serve as a practical guide for students to better understand the graduation ceremony’s protocols. They cover aspects such as the sequence of lining up before entering the gymnasium, expected conduct inside, procedures when called upon to receive the diploma cover, designated spots for photograph sessions, and more. Furthermore, photographs will be taken following each rehearsal and after the commencement ceremony itself.

Attire & Accessories

The 24th commencement ceremony brings with it the joy of graduation attire, available to all graduates. The attire primarily includes gowns, caps, and other related accessories. It is recommended that all graduates pair these with a white shirt.

Please be aware that the graduation gowns and caps are uniformly black for all students. However, stoles will be differentiated by colors to signify the respective schools and levels of study. The color code is as follows:


  • Burgundy for School of Business Administration (SBA).
  • Blue for School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS).
  • Purple for School of Science and Engineering (SSE).

Graduates: Yellow.

Caps & Gowns Form.

You may collect your attire from the Fitness Room near the Gymnasium starting on Wednesday June, 7th.



Graduating students are allowed 2 nights (For Free) in campus housing. For us to better plan your accommodation, please fill in the following form:

Housing Form


Parking on Campus​

Every Student is allowed one car for their friends and family. Students who have their own car, will be invited to remove them if they want their family to access AUI by car.

Important Note: Ifrane weather is unpredictable in June. Families should expect to walk from Parking 2 to the Gymnasium (Umbrellas might be needed).